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Baytek AmbalajBaytek Ambalaj San. Tic. A.Ş. has been established in 1994 and quickly gained a place in the Turkish packaging industry with its production of spiral winding tubes and cardboard edge protectors.

While making a high standart production with our young and dynamic team, new technologies and developments about packaging have been evaluated by observing the improvements all around the world.

In order to protect nature and human being’s health, during packaging, instead of petroleum derivatives, forecasting the use of the packaging materials produced of paper and recyclable raw materials as much as possible, we have started the production in our new plant in 2005.

In our new plant, the waste papers are returned to pulp and given shape with specially designed molds for each kind of products that has to be packaged. In this way a value is added to the economy by collecting the finished products of paper and reshaped again and again.

On the other hand our products obstruct the damage on the nature during the production and also the waste of petroleum derivative packaging materials like sytrophor and plastic, etc.

Our aim is providing the satisfaction of our customers and the realization of good quality and good service under every circumstances.

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